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Why Our Employees Love 180 Health Partners

We Matter to the Mission

Each day, you will be inspired by those around you – moms and colleagues who are bravely vulnerable with one another. Your openness about individual experiences resonates with moms and helps them maintain the momentum to achieve their goals. Inspiring change reminds us that we matter to this mission.

Knowing that we're making a difference is inspiring. When we see the connections that we make, the improvement in lives, the data to know that our babies are healthier, our moms are better connected.

The reason I like to work here is because I want to surround myself with people who are mission-focused and leave their egos at the door - they're selfless. But, tenacious about achieving the objectives that we need to achieve.

We Rally On Tough Days

The most meaningful work can also be the most difficult. At 180 Health Partners, our resolve is important. The strong and positive relationships in the workplace keep us motivated - even on the days that aren't perfect.

[We are] willing to take on a tough situation, with a team of people we believe can help us get the job done, to help change a mom's life, a generation's life, our community & the nation. The people that we work with and who we serve.
It's more about the people than anything else. That's what stands out to me, it's people-focused and I think that's hard to find.

It's easy to show up for (our moms). A lot of times in their lives, nobody has shown up.

We Inspire By Example

The environment at 180 Health Partners is stigma-free. Our openness and vulnerability to one another removes barriers to life's challenges. This allows us to work together extremely effectively, making positive impacts on the lives of those we work with.

Our Peers [inspire me]. Our Women who are in recovery themselves. Knowing their journey and where they've come from, and what they're doing to go and give back

The no stigma.[...] That includes with us, not just our moms. We practice that by modeling that with each other.

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Join Our Team & Change Lives

You will be inspired daily knowing that your work is making a direct, positive imact on the lives of mothers and their babies.

Your background and personal experiences may be the exact inspiration that a 180 mom needs to recover.

You might be the trusted colleague that helps someone making a difference to stay dedicated on the mission after having a tough day.

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